Our Teachers

Anne McGreevy

A retired ESL teacher and four children grown and gone has left Anne with time on her hands, which she promptly filled to the brim. A farm docent and goat shepherd, she now teaches school-aged children an appreciation for animals and farm life. A life-long sewer with an avid interest in hand crafts, her other areas of know-how include, paper quilling, needle felting, wet felting, and best of all – cheese making. Anne’s feta cheese is creamier than cream itself! Her focus and attention to detail keeps the bar high for everything she does. We are confident that you will know who she is by her Long Island accent (even though it’s not as bad as her brother’s).

Cathy McGreevy

Growing up in an atmosphere heavily influenced in arts and crafts with both of Cathy’s parents being artists, it’s only natural that she gravitated to teaching handicrafts. With her creative side instilled and encouraged, making things with her hands and learning new skills is second nature. Her sense of satisfaction is obvious as she freely shares lessons of art and nature with those around her. Sewing, working with fiber (weaving, felting, knitting, basket weaving), gardening, and cooking are continuing passions of hers. A member of the Weavers Guild of Buffalo for over 10 years, she continues to enter pieces in shows and as a teacher at church camp for over 15 years, she has taught school-aged children all sorts of out-of-the-box projects. Presently working at Kelkenberg Farm in Clarence as a farm tour guide, she continues to spread her love of nature and good attitude!

Morgan Milovich

Morgan has always been interested in the art of making things, learning new skills and sharing her knowledge with others. So much so that she pursued a double major in Art Education and Design with a concentration in Ceramics when in college. She has taught at various schools throughout the area, but most recently she can be found doing her most important teaching to date … raising her son Max. She and husband Josh, also an art teacher, have a small ceramics business that they run out of their home studio named Cardinal Designs. When it comes to crafting, she has tried almost everything and loves to learn almost anything. Morgan's areas of concentration are in ceramics, knitting, crocheting and re-purposing everyday items into functional art. She is currently finishing up her master's degree in Creativity Studies at Buffalo State College.

Karen Perna

Graduating with an Art degree from Pratt Institute in Manhattan, Karen learned to meet deadlines by doing “whatever it takes” and is no stranger to putting a big effort into small tasks. Her three “small tasks” (Julie, Nick and Luke) are no longer so small anymore and she has returned to sharing art, in a way that makes it accessible to everyone. Her knowledge and skill using color, along with silk painting techniques and style, bring delight to those who are brave enough to pick up the brush … which according to Karen – should be everyone!

Elisabeth Strong

Elisabeth Strong is a lampwork artist currently residing in Colden, New York. Her glass work uses a torch to melt rods and tubes of glass, once in a molten state she uses tools and hand movements to form these one of a kind fun & funky beads. She enjoys designing jewelry and has worked at this craft for many years. She currently incorporates her lampwork art into her designs and has been doing so for nearly 7 years. She works mainly with soda-lime glass while continuously refining new mediums for jewelry design and exploration. Elisabeth is the owner of Lizard Breath Beads and can be seen in a variety of shows and events across the Western New York area.