Meet the Owners

Michele Beiter
As the youngest of four and with none of her siblings sharing an interest in crafts, Michele was a “frustrated crafter” early on. She never could figure out what her interests were as a child, but now, as co-owner of Creative Essence - it all seems to make sense.

She determined her love lies in making something interesting from nothing.

With a degree in marketing from SUNY Fredonia, Michele managed a small retail store after graduation. The hands-on nature of the business was great, but the hours didn’t work. From there she sold construction products as a sales rep for a Fortune 500 company, handling the northeast.

Through the years Michele has embraced and fell in love with new skills like knitting and clay-making. Whether it’s knitting a sweater or molding a face from clay, Michele realized the inner peace that comes from busy hands.

When she wasn’t doing her own crafting, she was teaching classes at the local elementary school along with volunteering in the community.

The formation of a friendship with Tammy and their combined years of experience seemed to direct the two women to Creative Essence - a venture that has been personally fulfilling for both.

Michele and husband Paul have three daughters. The family enjoys camping, biking and running.

Tammy Ulrich
Tammy has always enjoyed creativity and working with her hands. But then again, it’s in her blood. The daughter of a graphic arts & woodworking teacher, granddaughter of a woodshop teacher and with both her mother and grandmother as knitters, it was only a matter of time before the creative bug caught her.

Tammy was born and raised in Buffalo and received her bachelor’s degree in engineering from GMI Institute in Flint, Mich. She then went on to earn a master’s degree in engineering from the University at Buffalo.

Following college she worked at Delphi, holding positions ranging from engineering to floor supervisor to management. Currently she works at Trellis Marketing in Kenmore.

For about 8 years Tammy was heavily into paper projects and rubber stamps. She took numerous classes at Buffalo Stamps and made her own Christmas cards for over 100 friends and family every year.

Over the last 5 years she has gained a real interest in jewelry. She started out with beads and stringing and even bought her own kiln. From there she started her own jewelry business and sells at the Burchfield Penney Art Gallery store.

Tammy and husband Scott have two daughters.